Football Drill Demonstration


Spliut the group into 2. ONe group forms a circle on the outside with a ball. The other group find space within the circle.

Coach dictates how the players on the outside pass the ball on (i.e from feet or from hands). When the coach give the shout the players on the inside move to a player ont he outside and request the ball. The player on the outside plays the ball in and the insde player controls teh ball, turns and finds a player on the outside without a ball and passes to them. They then go and find a different player to receive a ball from and repeat until the coach stops.

Ball can be controlled with inside and outside of foot. When players on outside serve from hands control can be on thigh, chest, head or laces.

Coaching points

  • Move into the path of the ball
  • Choose a surface to control the ball
  • First touch out of body/feet
  • Open the body up

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