Football Drill Demonstration


Double Rondo

Training session time:

15 minutes


Do you remember the previous drill, the rondo? Can anyone explain the details behind that drill?

This is a progression from that drill and there are similarities


Switching play & transition

Less possession but more intensity and speed of pass (transition based)


For the players to warm up in through a high intensity possession based skill with players developing technical aspects used in a high pressure game situation


The double rondo requires players to position themselves in two rectangles, and then a further overload player in the centre against 2 pressuring players in the middle. After the ball is switched, the 2 pressuring players join the outer rectangle and the 2 central outer players (red) become the pressuring players within the opposite space. This is a more complex skill related exercise that explores themes that occur within a match (transition and playmaking etc)


Coaches can vary number of passes required before switch occurs


First touch, passing, awarness, contolling ball with furthest foot away from opponent


Decision making, confidence in tight situations, understanding


Communication, self esteem, teamwork


Co- ordination, conditioning, challenge

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