Football Drill Demonstration


General Notes

Pass and receive effectively to create space by movement of players and ball?


Aims & Objectives

This session focuses on posession with invention and purpose. When to keep possession and when to play forward.


Coaching Factors & Outcomes

Passing accuracy
Receiving the ball (back foot, on half-turn)



Players at starting point A go through the ladder and around the defender to show for player at starting point B.

Player B plays to player A to receive and play to coach.

Player A then exits area to the left around the cone and then sprints to group B.

Once the pass is made B goes over the hurdles, through the poles and sprint to group B.

As coach receives from player A a passing triangle is completed with the next player B ready to play to the incoming new player A.

Practice should be continuous.


Coaching Points

Speed Control. Technical ability when going through obstacles.

Good first touch to receive and good weight of pass.

Change of speed.

Acceleration - body position low to high. low gives low centre of gravity < agility.

Differentiation Progression


SAQ Ladders: 1 foot in each, 2 feet in each, two in two out, high knees.

Hurdles: In and Out

Slalom Poles: forwards, backwards (look over shoulder - awareness)


Adaptation & Progression

Further adaptations depending on desired outcome could include; using different surfaces of foot, defenders added.

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