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Organisation: Groups are organised as illustrated. The coach or teacher acts as the server initially and serves the ball under arm one bounce to player 1 of the batting team who is standing at the crease. Player 1 hits the ball and runs to first base or more depending on where the ball has been hit. To complete a run a batter has to successfully reach fourth base; they then join the back of the line if successful. Batters can be caught out bowled or run out; once out they must join the back of the line. Fielders must attempt to retrieve the ball and throw it to the nearest base fielder or to a base fielder where there is a chance of a run out. An innings can be a timed innings or until all are out. The team with the most runs are deemed winners.


To acquire and develop batting fielding and communicating skills. To select and apply skills and tactics to score more runs whilst batting by hitting the ball into gaps and running to appropriate basis. To reduce the amount of runs scored when fielding by returning the ball to the bowler quickly to attempt to aim for the stumps vacant. To evaluate and improve performance by observing other team members and the opposition perform and by listening to and following instruction.When batting: ensure the grip is correct; relaxed / balanced stance; watch the ball; apply correct shot; try to keep the ball down. When fielding: react to the ball; hands ready; watch the ball into your hands; adopt throwing position; back fielders up to prevent additional runs; aim at the base of the stumps. When Running: Run straight; Call loud and clear; Run hard; Approach the base in a low & balanced position; Reach out and slide your bat over the line near the base.



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