Agility Drill Demonstration


Set up two sets of agility cones  approximately 30yds apart. Also set up two cones in between with a ball at one end. Split groups at either end evenly but no more that two people at each end.

To begin one player runs between the agility cones and runs to pick up the ball and dibble at pace to the other cone. The player then stops the ball at the other cone and then runs between the next agility cones and high fives the player at the other end whoch then follows the same process in the opposite direction.

Coach decides how long they work for and can make it a race with other teams. The drill can also be made more challenging by adding in two balls meaning two players are working at one time.

Coaching points

  • Work at full pace through the agility cones
  • Keep cose control while dribbling
  • Maintain high effort all the way through

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