Agility Drill Demonstration


  1. Participant runs towards slalom poles
  2. Run around each slalom pole
  3. Run towards football and pass the ball to cone/coach
  4. Jump over the hurdles
  5. Coach shouts out the colour of the cones within the squares of the ladders and the participant must react by touching the cones with their foot
  6. Participant runs backwards to the next stage
  7. Coach passes or throws the ball to the participant to which the participant either passes the ball, volleys or heads the ball to the coach a number of times
  8. Participants then sprints towards the ball on the other side of the drill and attempts to pass the ball through the cones
  9. Participant then sprints towards the other ball and attempts to take a shot on goal

Progression- Increase intensity of drill/Provide a defender on the part of the drill to make it more difficult to score

Regression- Decrease intensity of drill/Take one of the sections of the drill out i.e. attempting to score a goal

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