Topspin Lob

category: Lob

Tennis Topspin Lob Lob The coach feeds a challenging ball across the court to player 1 who has to lob player 2 with a top spin lob. Player 2 starts a...

Confident Topspin Lob

category: Lob

Tennis Confident Topspin Lob Lob Player starts the drill by hitting easy high ball to coach. Coach hits offensive smash to the deuce side. Player tri...

Topspin Lob

category: Lob

Tennis Topspin Lob Lob The coach feeds a deep ball to hitters. Players must hit a topspin lob and then return to the back of the line after their sho...

Topspin With Cone

category: Backhand-Drills

Tennis Topspin with cone Backhand Drills Cone is set near the player on the backhand side. The player imitates backhand stroke, and the player's goal...

Hidden Doubles Weapon

category: Doubles-Drills

The coach hits overhead to the ad side and the player tries to counter this shot using backhand topspin lob down the line. backhand, doubles, lob, te...

Returning A Smash

category: Lob

Tennis Returning a smash Lob Player feeds an easy lob to the coach, who then returns with a smash shot. The player has to ... Confident Topspin Lob. ...

Have Unpredictable Forehand

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Have unpredictable forehand Forehand Drills Coach feeds balls to the forehand side. Player alternates hitting forehand topspin cross-court and...

Different Spins

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Different spins Forehand Drills The coach feeds balls to the deuce side, whilst the player alternates forehand topspin and forehand slice in c...

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No more Boring Basket Drills

Make training interesting by mixing up the practices to get your players thinking how to adapt from one situation to the next.

Develop the Backhand!

Work on the technical aspects of the backhand, as you work to improve on their groundstroke to succeed in matches!

Different Use of the Slice

Give your players a helping hand on court, by handing them a whole arsenal of shots to work with, from the slice to the drop shot!

Forehand: Attacking on the Move

Step forward and meet the ball at the top of its bounce to strike a thumping forehand. Use this session to work on footwork and improve players' foreh...


Community Drills

Drill 4

The feeder hits the ball roughly to where the markers are. The player then has to return the ball before moving on to the next area. A time requiremen...


Il Maestro dà palle a tutto campo.Il giocatore deve lasciar rimbalzare ogni palla.Il Maestro può variare molto le palle da un backspin basso ad un alt...