Strategy From The First Ball

category: Backhand-Drills

The player serves wide from the deuce side and the coach feeds high ball back. The player finishes with backhand in the air cross-court. Coaching poin...

Disturb Opponent'S Strategy

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Tennis Disturb opponent's strategy Forehand & Backhand Drill Coach feeds balls to the backhand side. Player alternates hitting backhand slice cross-co...

Cross-Court Strategy For Advanced Players

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Cross-court strategy for advanced players Volley Drills The coach feeds the ball to the deuce side (close to the sideline). The player hits for...

Drop And Lob

category: Lob

Tennis Drop and lob Lob The coach feeds the ball to the backhand side, and the player hits backhand drop shot down the line and moves forward. The coa...

Web Videos

Tennis strategy: shot selection

Are you ready to maximize your serve power? Click here to access our FREE serve power video series: https://go.onlinetennisinstruction.com/add-serve-p...


Strategy to force mistakes

Attack with purpose and work on your player?s tactics with this session, ready to outfox the opposition


Creating opportunities

Create opportunities with this session, helping your players to develop their tactics and use planned strategies to beat the opposition



Community Drills

First strike serve/ return points

Player 1 starts the point with the 1st serve Aand looks to :- go wide to open up the court for 1-2 punch- ace/winner down T- body jamThe server c...