Returning A Smash

category: Lob

Description. Player feeds an easy lob to the coach, who then returns with a smash shot. The player has to return the coach's shot using a defensive l...

Lob And Smash

category: Lob

Tennis Lob and Smash Lob Player 1 must feed player 2 with a lob (deep if possible). Player 2 must hit the smash and play out the point. NOTE: The bal...

Approach And Smash

category: Smash-Drills

Tennis Approach and smash Smash Drills -2 feeding players, with a basket in the middle. - Feed a short ball followed by a lob. - After the approach s...

Forehand Smash Drill

category: Smash-Drills

Tennis Forehand Smash Drill Smash Drills Coach, 1 player, and basket of balls. Player starts by running forward and touching the net. At this point t...


Advanced Overhead Smash

Top pros make the overhead smash look easy, now your players can too! Build up their technique gradually to make a notoriously difficult shot feel eas...


Community Drills

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Diritto, Rovescio, Volèe, Smash, Gioco di gambe

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il giocatore gioca in sequensa dritto, rovescio, dritto aggressivo vole, vole, smash.la serie successiva l'attacco viene fatto con il rovescioopzional...

FH/BH DL - volley - smash drill

Player executes 3 shots:1 FH dline2 volley/drive volley to open court3 angle smashRepeat again.Rotate players. 2 players doing the drill other two foo...