Service Box Touch

category: Rally-Drills

Coaching points. Although this is a 'game' players are developing hand skills and racket-head control in the process. TheyƂ ...

Bluff Doubles Game

category: Doubles-Drills

Players are effectively playing a game of touch-doubles, so the ball is fed in and the point played out within the service boxes, with the tramlines ...

Target Serve Central Line

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Target Serve Central Line Serve and Return 4 players, 4 cones or spots, basket of tennis balls. 4 cones set up in a line along the centre of e...

Cc Rally On Service Line

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis CC Rally on Service Line Volley Drills Players stay on the service lines and rally together in a cross-court direction. Players have to hit al...


Touch, feel and bluff!

Ban spin and power shots in this back to basics, close-quarters rallying session to teach your players how to feel the ball and focus on their hand sk...

Stay Balanced When Hitting Strokes

A great session for players struggling to stay balanced by improving control of their body when hitting backhand, forehand and service shots.


Community Drills

Approach two volleys

cut down slice to service line approachfirst volley for depth - keep it in frontclose out volley - move in to meet the ball

Animal Ball

Coach feeds in from the post, and players ralle out the point. All players must start inside the service box. M to six points win; winners stay on cou...

Service Box Winner

Inside Service Box Player 1 starts ball to cross court service box corner; players must rally 3 (or however many coach dictates) shots before court is...

360 degree turn

4 players on a courtboth players start from the baseline, feed the ball in then that pair approach the net but when around the service line they both ...