Recovery Habits - Backhand

category: Backhand-Drills

Tennis Recovery Habits - Backhand Backhand Drills This drill teaches how to ... Coach tosses balls to the one side, and the player hits the ball and r...

2 Lines - Forehand And Backhand

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Players start in two lines, one behind the deuce service box and the other behind the advantage box. Coach feeds balls alternately to players on their...

Mini Tennis Warm Up (2)

category: Coordination-Fun-Games

Tennis Mini Tennis Warm up (2) Coordination / Fun Games Players rally groundstrokes to groundstrokes (Crosscourt)

Attack Easy Balls

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Tennis Attack easy balls Forehand & Backhand Drill Player stands on the baseline. Coach faces the player. Coach throws random balls to keep player inÂ...

Web Videos

Return of serve footwork

In this video, I explain the proper footwork for the return of serve. Jorge is the founder of Capestany Tennis Inc. which operates websites for tennis...