Cone Serving

category: Serve-and-Return

Coaching points. Players should take care, focusing on each serve as if it were a match situation. Rituals and routines should be gone through ...

High Point Of Contact

category: Serve-and-Return

Player imitates serving motion. Player reaches as high as she can with the racquet and touches the fence with the top edge. Coaching points. In this ...

Serving A / B

category: Serve-and-Return

With a wealth of experience and as part of New Zealand's World Cup winning coaching team, Marg is ready to pass on her knowledge to answer your coach...

Serve And Volley

category: Serve-and-Return

Tennis Serve and Volley Serve and Return Player 1 serves a 1st Serve and follows it in to hit a volley. If returner is finding it hard then serve a 2...


King Of The Deuce

Teach your players to become king of the deuce side and dominate opponents!

Return Confidence

Don't shy away from the serve! Get your players returning confidently with this week's session!

The Serve for Juniors

Develop your juniors serve by starting with the fundamentals. As such a vital part of the game, making training effective yet enjoyable is a must, so ...


Community Drills

I - formation 3/3 ( deuce)

I formation wordt veel gebruikt bij een heel goeie returner.na de opslag doet alsof hij wil tussen komen maar gaat terug naar zijn kant en de server b...

Lob Shot

In pairs, one student is the server, while the other is the hitter. The server starts at the back of the sevice line and hits the ball to the hit...

Tennis Serve Drill

We first serve into a target, after a bit we progress so we increase the distance the speed and we improve our accuracy