Quick Change

category: Movement

Tennis Quick Change Movement Coach stands in front of the player and feeds random balls (Forehand, Backhand, Low, Short, Deep etc). Player has to rea...

Ball Roll

category: Movement

Tennis Ball roll Movement Player 1 is feeding from the service box and player 2 starts on the baseline T in the ready position. Player 1 rolls tennis...

Moving Zones

category: Movement

Tennis Moving Zones Movement Court is divided into 3 zones ("Deep" Cones to the baseline, "Medium" Cones to the service line; "Short" Service box). C...

3 Heights

category: Movement

Tennis 3 Heights Movement Player stands at the middle of the service boxes. Coach feeds balls to the player at different heights (low, medium, high) ...

Yo - Yo

category: Movement

Tennis Yo - Yo Movement 1) Teacher alternates short drop shot and deep lob feeds from the basket.Also alternates forehand, backhand. 2)Player hits th...

Anticipation And Reactions

category: Movement

Tennis Anticipation and reactions Movement Player side steps until the coach drops a ball. The player must catch the ball before the second bounce. P...

2Nd Volley With Lateral Movement

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis 2nd volley with lateral movement Volley Drills Player start off in the backhand alley. While moving across the court the players hit two volle...


category: Movement

Tennis Smile Movement Player starts in the middle behind the baseline. Coach feeds balls alternately to the forehand and backhand. The player should ...

'X' Movement

category: Movement

Tennis 'X' movement Movement Purpose: learn to move in an "X" pattern under pressure of movement. Coach feeds the ball in the sequence 1,2,3,4 for ea...

Turn And Hit

category: Movement

Tennis Turn and Hit Movement Player starts on the service line (facing back fence). Player shuffles from side to side until when the coach says "GO!"...

Web Videos


King Of The Deuce

Teach your players to become king of the deuce side and dominate opponents!

New Approach to Backhand Rally

Approach the backhand by starting with the fundamentals. Get players movement up to scratch to be in the best position to make an effective stroke.


Community Drills

forehand groundstroke movement

pemain 1 memukul ke arah pemain 2 dengan pukulan forehand dan juga sebaliknya pemain 2 ke pemain 1 usahakan selalu mengambil bola dengan pukulan ...

Drill 4

The feeder hits the ball roughly to where the markers are. The player then has to return the ball before moving on to the next area. A time requiremen...


Part 1:Players use half width court to rally from baseline. Nominated player is trying to score 50 points hitting into 1,2 or 3 point zone. No points ...