Lob And Smash

category: Lob

Tennis Lob and Smash Lob Player 1 must feed player 2 with a lob (deep if possible). Player 2 must hit the smash and play out the point. NOTE: The bal...

Lob Game

category: Lob

Tennis Lob Game Lob -The game has two teams of four players each. -Each team consists of ... -Points are scored every time a lob falls between the ba...

Sticky Volley And Lob

category: Lob

Tennis Sticky Volley and Lob Lob -Start off by placing a hoop in between the service line and the net(as shown in the picture). -Players 1 and 2 are ...

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How to handle a lob in tennis

Many recreational players are fearful of the lob. It can be frustrating trying to run back or having to hit an overhead, however, lobs at the recreati...