Ad Serve + Half Volley Deep

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Ad serve + half volley deep Volley Drills Cones are set in the deep corner (ad side). The player serves from the ad side and moves to the net,...

Teach The Half-Volley Stroke

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Teach the half-volley stroke Volley Drills Before the player begins this drill the coach should demonstrate the correct way to play the stroke...

Get Comfortable With Rallying

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Get comfortable with rallying Volley Drills Players stand on the service line. ... Player 1 hits a topspin shots; Player 2 returns the ball by...

1 Air 1 Bounce

category: Volley-Drills

The player alternates hitting 1 backhand half-volley and 1 regular backhand volley in a down the line direction.


Half-volleying technique and tactics

Develop your players technique for hitting the half-volley while instilling a tactical understanding of when and how to play the stroke for maximum ef...

No more Boring Basket Drills

Make training interesting by mixing up the practices to get your players thinking how to adapt from one situation to the next.

Conscious Play at the Net

Have a clear idea of where to hit your volleys. Don't snatch at the volley, control the depth and the speed to be able to gain better court position o...

Community Drills


Part 1Player starts on baseline, coach hand feeds :1 Defensive FH2 Attacking FH or BH3 Defensive BH or off FH if possible4 Attacking FH or BHPla...

Live - Volleys and Dippers

Have one side go to the net. Baseline will hit dippers as volleyers hit half volleys and volleys. Then progress to overheads and dippers. Then switch ...