Backhand Forehand

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Dead ball drill.Coach is stationed on position 2 and players start off middle baseline and moves to forehand then 2nd shot on back hand

Attacking Forehands On The Move

category: Forehand-Drills

Coach feeds three balls per player from the basket. Players should aim to hit the targets (as in diagram - can use cones to mark out targets). The aim...

Groundstrokes Moving Forward

category: Forehand-Backhand-Drill

Coach stands in front of the player and alternates tosses to forehand and backhand side. Player hits the ball and moves forward, while the coach moves...

Cross Court Inside-Out Forehands

category: Forehand-Drills

The coach feeds the first ball in and then players have to keep the rally going, running around the ball to play a cross-court forehand into the coned...

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Get a Solid Forehand Volley!

Improve your player’s forehand volley with this attacking session and put them on the front foot. Teach your players how to time their attack correctl...