Drop Shot Technique

category: Attacking

Description. Coach feeds easy balls to the player. Player tries to hit drop shots. Coaching points. At the beginning, players will try to hit too low...

Returning A Drop Shot Down The Line

category: Movement

Tennis Returning a drop shot down the line Movement Coach stands close to the net and feeds balls close to the net on the player's side of the court ...

Lob Off Drop

category: Lob

Tennis Lob off drop Lob The player stands on the baseline. Cones mark the deep zone. The coach stands close to the net and feeds a drop shot to the b...

Forehand Mini Drop Shot

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Forehand mini drop shot Forehand Drills The player stands on the service line and the coach feeds random balls. The player then responds withÂ...

Deuce Forehand Inside Out Drop Shot

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Deuce Forehand Inside Out Drop Shot Forehand Drills Coach serves from deuce side to the T. Player runs around and hits forehand drop shot insi...

Respond To Drop Shot

category: Movement

Tennis Respond to Drop Shot Movement Coach tosses low and short balls really close to the net. Player sprints and responds with counter drop shots.

Answer Drop Shot

category: Backhand-Drills

Tennis Answer drop shot Backhand Drills The player stands on the baseline and the coach stands close to the net. The coach feeds drop shot to the bac...

Deep Directions + Drop Shot Changer

category: Forehand-Drills

Tennis Deep directions + drop shot changer Forehand Drills Deep zone and angle zone are set by cones. Coach feeds balls to one side. Player performs ...

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Get comfortable inside the court

Federer, 36 years old and still one of the best on tour. It?s because he moves so well around the court and varies his lengths and shots to dictate th...

Touch, feel and bluff!

Ban spin and power shots in this back to basics, close-quarters rallying session to teach your players how to feel the ball and focus on their hand sk...


Backhand grip

Community Drills

Net drop forehand down the line

Player stands inside the service line. Coach drops the ball from the net on the deuce side. Player sprints and hits controlled forehand drop shot down...

Autosave 16852264

Wen coach says go you need to run back tach fens and after run to reach drop shot (coach will feed), if you loose first ball you need to tuch net and ...

F in B, drop shot, smash

Trener poda eno zogo na F, eno na B, nato skrajša zogo (vsaj 70% zog naj bo ulovljivih) nato poda se cetrto zogo cez glavo igralca, ki odigra p...