Try Your Opponent

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Try your opponent Volley Drills Cones are set on the service line (ad side). This is the position where opponent stays while playing doubles. ...

Ad Serve + Half Volley Deep

category: Volley-Drills

Tennis Ad serve + half volley deep Volley Drills Cones are set in the deep corner (ad side). The player serves from the ad side and moves to the net,...

Anticipation And Tactical Awareness

category: Rally-Drills

Tennis Anticipation and tactical awareness Rally Drills The court is marked out with cones into areas (e.g. red, amber and green). Players try to ant...

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Doubles tactics - territory in tennis

In doubles there are four main roles; the server, the returner, the server's partner and the returner's partner. In this video I'm going to talk to yo...