Attacking Lines: Unders And Overs

category: Passing

Rugby Attacking Lines: Unders and Overs Passing Attackers react to the defensive line in a 3 v 2 situation If defence is compressed - overs - an outs...

M1 12 Under

category: Backs-Moves

Rugby M1 12 UNDER Backs Moves Note the starting positions of players for this move, it's just a suggestion. However, I suggest your players start tha...

Relay Passing Race

category: Ball-presentation

Rugby League Relay passing race Ball presentation 1) All team - legs straddle ... 2) Same idea but this time under legs then next person passes over ...

Scrum Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Scrum Pass Passing Rear foot close to the ball Crouch down bending the legs not at the waist Point lead foot at the target player No pick up or...

Web Videos

Unders line

Understanding when and why we use the under's line when we are playing footy (rugby union, rugby league, touch, oztag). Ksquared Cues: * Tempo *Engage...

Community Drills

unders and overs

Put players into teams. players line up behind the first player (leader) single file. the leader starts off with the ball. the leader passes the ball ...

Unders and Overs

Centres swap channels10 option - pop to 13 on hard lineor wide out to 12Directions to forwards: B3 or A/C2