7'S Colour Touch

category: Sevens

Rugby 7's Colour Touch Sevens Tell your players the following..... The attack will remain in attack for 5 minutes, you'll then switch over. Normal ru...

7V7 Touch

category: Sevens

Rugby 7v7 Touch Sevens Tell your players the following... We are playing 7's, normal rules apply - except this is touch. Upon getting touched a playe...

Seven In Touch

category: Sevens

Rugby Seven In Touch Sevens The following are the laws for this game: Equal number of defenders and attackers. Normal laws of sevens rugby apply; a k...

Loaded Sevens: Touch

category: Sevens

Rugby Loaded Sevens: Touch Sevens Tell your players the following...... The team with 7 players will be in attack for the first half. Normal 7 rules ...

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