Scattered Defence - 6 Vs 4

category: Decision-making

Rugby League Scattered defence - 6 vs 4 Decision making Groups of ten work with one ball per group Defenders scattered around the grid, static and ca...

Catch Me If You Can

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Catch me if you can Tag Rugby Up to 10 in a group. ... TV and internet access is under regular scrutiny, yet 24-hour access to sport should bec...

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Community Drills

Passing and catching for under 6's

3 way drill concentrating on passing,catching and moving.The circle passing can be done individually or as a race between the two groups. Coaches can ...

Dragon Nest

Cones on 2 or 4 corners and split into same amount of teams.Players take balls from the middle first and take back to their nest(area) placing the bal...