Tackle Technique 3/5 -Leg Drive

category: Tackling

Rugby Tackle Technique 3/5 -leg drive Tackling Groups of 2 Tackle Bag An attacker holds a bag 2m away from a defender. Defender hold hands behind his...

Building 8 Man Scrum

category: Scrum

Rugby Building 8 man scrum Scrum Front row Setting the front row is the building blocks for a scrum. The 3 players (Prop, Hooker, Prop) should stand ...

2V2 Tackle And Clear Out

category: Tackling

Coaching points · No need to pass between players, take the ball straight into contact. · Get low when rucking and use your legs to create force an...

Web Videos

Shc three man drive

Basic technique and advanced considerations of the touch rugby three man drive.


Community Drills

Three man drive relay

A three man drive "relay race" is simulated where each player takes it in turn to be the "tackled player", "the halfback"...