Rugby Attack/Defend Sevens Tell your players the following...... Players will standing at the midway point of the playing area. Tell each team which ...

Attack/Defend Big Time

Tell each team which direction they are playing. Set the ball on the ground in front of the players. If you call 1 then team one is in attack and the...

Space Invaders

Rugby Space Invaders Warm Up Keep your playing briefing, brief and tell the players the following laws. Both teams are in attack and both teams are i...

Web Videos

Team defence session

Coach Daryl Slade-Jones takes the British Army Rugby team through a defensive drill. The drill has various tackle pads identified by coloured cones.


Second line of defence - Sweeper system

Introduce the sweeper system to protect your rugby team's defence from opportunistic high ball and save your team time and energy - while also forcing...


Coaching the Blitz Defence

Develop the aggressive Blitz defending style in you game and don’t let the opposition get comfortable on the ball with this session.


Tackle and Defence

Make the tackle and build a rock solid defence with this defensive session!



Community Drills

Team Defence - setup

Players will line out across the 22 as a group. (Ideal group = 10ish -Mix & Match to find balance)A coach will stand facing them.He will remain si...

Team Defence 1

Set out 10 cones 1m apart in a lineHave 6 players lie face down 5m back from this linePlace the ball in between 2 of the of the conesOn the whistle, t...

Team Defence 1 - Part 2

This is a progression of the team defence 1. Set up and run the drill the same way.Once the defensive line is setup and the players are holding the li...

Team Defence - Step 3

After players have worked for 2-3 mins, Coach will blow whistle & Call a colour (in this case Green.Players will run to Greeen ruck, getting their...