Tackle Approach

category: Tackling

Rugby League Tackle Approach Tackling Players 3m apart – slightly crouched One of pair nominated as ... Crouch Tackle Drill Thumbnail ... Don't get...

Tackle Tube Clear Out

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

Rugby Tackle Tube Clear Out Ruck Clear Out Each station has two tackle tubes perpendicular to each other in a T shape. The tackler tackles the bottom...

Jogging Tackle

category: Tackling

Rugby League Jogging tackle Tackling The player with the ball jogs in a straight line with the tackler ... Running side tackle Drill Thumbnail ... Do...


category: Tackling

Rugby League Tackle Tackling Good low position Head up, chin off chest, tighten shoulders ... 1 vs 1 Tackle Practice Drill Thumbnail ... Don't get ta...

Web Videos

How to do a rugby tackle

Have you ever wanted to get good at rugby. Well look no further than this educational resource on How To Do A Tackle. Follow Videojug's professional e...

The bravest tackle you’ll ever see!

World Rugby wish Namibia and Exeter Chief's Full-Back Chrysander Botha a happy 28th birthday today! As the last line of defence for both club and coun...


Contact Skills in the Tackle

Instil confidence and tackle toughness into your players with this tackling from the front, side and back session! Build their knowledge of the benefi...

Confidence in Contact: part 2

Continue to improve your player's confidence when using contact, with the second of our Confidence in Contact sessions


Community Drills

4-point tackle

Remind offense that this is a defensive drill. Mindset is to get defender thinking about his positioning and how/where to tackle based on that positio...

low impact front on tackle technique

Space cones three meters apart.red layer advances the ball towards the advancing blue defender.the defender advances shuffling, scanning with hips squ...

Unit Skills

1. Ruck Clean Out for Ball Retention:*3 Players to hit tackle shield.*Scrumhalf passes to 2nd pod, hit group 2 tackle shields.