Support Play Down Channel

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Support play down channel Agility & Running Skills 5 players start in a 5x5m grid and can pass the ball to one another in any direction. Once t...

Pass And Support

category: Sevens

Give the player at the start of one of the lines a ball, tell the line to advnce using laterial passing - with the last player in each line passing t...

Taking The Ball Into Contact And Support Play

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby Taking the ball into contact and support play Practices for Juniors Drill to improve players taking the ball into contact and ruck clear out. S...

Support Play Touch

category: School

Rugby Support play touch School Develop speed to break down and attacking skills. When the player was touched, laid down and presents properly (turno...

1V1 Tackle And Support Clear

category: Ruck-Clear-Out

3 players (One player in Tackle Suit, one ball carrier and one support player) and one ball.

Ball carrier attacks suited player and takes le...

2 V 1 Into 3 V 2

category: Decision-making

Drill to improve short space and wide space overlap play.

Set up a grid 15m wide, split into a 5m channel and a 10m channel, and 10m long (se...

2 Vs 1 + 1 In 2 Grids

category: Ball-Presentation

2 attackers with a half back attack a defender

The support player should be able to read the situation and apply the best techniques for bal...

2 Vs 1 - Decision Making

category: Decision-making

Four players per group inside a 10m x 30m Channel. Requires 10 cones and 1 ball.

Two players start outside of the grid with two players insi...

2 Vs 1 - With Running Support

category: Off-Loads

The lead attacker runs straight at the defender, attacking either the space on the left or the right before taking the tackle and off loading to th...

2 Vs 1 - With Running Support

category: Off-Loads

The lead attacker runs at straight at defender.

Attacks runs into space, either on the left or the right, takes the tackle and then off-load...

Web Videos

Rugby coaching - continuity & support

Power Play Overview: This is great for scoring points against ever increasing opposition. Organisation: Groups of 10 set-up initially on a grid with 5...



Community Drills

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Ball carrier goes into contact staying on his feet until his support joins him. Support player calls him to ground. Ball carrier presents ball as supp...

Autosave 78931768

Maul game to start- touch maul. In groups of 5-6 max. play touch game whereby player taking it into contact must turn and SH must rip the ball away/ ...