Staying Square And Fixing Defenders

category: Passing

Exercise aimed at attackers staying square when running towards a defender in order to fix them to the spot and then spin a pass out to the side.

Staying Square And Fixing Defenders

category: Handling

Rugby Staying square and fixing defenders Handling Groups of 6+ Balls Sausages/Bags Cones Players line up opposite the trinagle of cones set up on t...

Staying Alive

category: Passing

Rugby Staying Alive Passing Tell your players the following... The first player runs into the grid, the ball carrier. They attack the inner square. W...

Speed Pass Challenge

category: Passing

Rugby Speed pass challenge Passing Groups of 8 Ball Cones 2 sets of 4 ... Staying square and fixing defenders. Square - Improve reactions Drill Thumb...


Community Drills

Drill 9

Run over hurdles staying squarePump feet and go back to start positionThen run forward and juke