Rucking With 4 Corners

category: School

  • Excellent way to involve large numbers and fitness.
  • Develops understanding of working hard when on the floor, communication a...

Union Jack

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Divide the players so that they are spread equally between 8 points (4 corners of a square, and 4 more at the midpoints. Each ball carrier runs acr...

Web Videos

Cgs rugby semi finals 2015

"Do you feel the Brahz?" The boys from Canberra Grammar School showed there all and played a fantastic game of Rugby.

Community Drills

4 Corner Passing

Similar to the 4 corners but instead of popping with the opposite, passing with the corner to the leftas they start to move off the corner.Targets and...

Contact warm up

groups coming from both sides of the 4 corners. Players run ball to the middle and engage in contact where the ball is ripped off them by the plyer co...

Dragon Nest

Cones on 2 or 4 corners and split into same amount of teams.Players take balls from the middle first and take back to their nest(area) placing the bal...

Passing Grid

Passing grid4 corners running through diagonal ending with a pop pass.- Calling for the ball- Making eye contact- Hand pointing up giving a target- Ho...