10 Pass Game

category: Warm-Up

Rugby 10 Pass game Warm Up 2 teams Bibs Balls One team must try and complete 10 passes in a small grid. When the player has the ball in his hand he ...

Ball Tag

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Ball Tag Warm Up Make sure that you have your warm-up area marked ... to play this game in smaller grids, or a larger playing area with the ent...

Grid Island

category: Practices-for-Juniors

Rugby Grid Island Practices for Juniors Fun game to practice passes/kicks not ... The blue team are divided in half with half in the small grid, and ...

Introduction To Ruck

category: Ruck

Rugby Introduction to ruck Ruck In small teams, play a modified game where if the ball carrier is touched on the shorts with both hands of a defender...

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