Double Trouble

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following.....

  1. The first attacking until enters through the top of the first channel, the defender there can the...

M1 (13 Missed, 14 Pop Outside To 15)

category: Backs-Moves

  1. See the diagram for suggested starting positions.
  2. 10 moves forward with the ball, drawing the defence to press.
  3. 10 passing ...

React And Defend

category: Defensive-Patterns

Drill to test defenders reactions to situations.

Set up a 15m x 15m grid with 3 defenders (blue) and 4 attackers (red).

All start on th...

Shuttle Run.

category: Agility-Running-Skills

  • Start lying on the ground (in a down press-up position) run out to the 1st set of cones and then run backwards to the start and do one press-up.
  • Sessions

    Improving Rucking Technique

    React the quicker and get on the front foot in attack with this session, by improving their rucking technique!

    Forwards and Backs Skills

    Make sure your forwards and backs have the skills needed in Rugby with this session, improving areas such as the punt kick and scrum!


    Community Drills

    Skill 1 :

    Départ de la portePrendre le ballon et faire la passe avant de se faire toucher par le bouclier