3 V Tackle Bag And Body Suit

category: Passing

Rugby 3 v Tackle Bag and body Suit Passing 3 attackers start at the beginning of the grid who will go up against the tackle bag first and then the per...

Tackle Fitness

category: Sevens

Rugby Tackle Fitness Sevens The runner/tackler starts 10 meters back, runs forward and places the ball down just before the bag, and in the same motio...


category: Tackling

Rugby 4v3-realign Tackling 4 sausages 4 Bags The sausages and bags are lined up alternately in a line. 8 defenders start lined up outside of the tackl...

2V2 Tackle And Clear Out

category: Tackling

Rugby 2v2 Tackle and Clear Out Tackling 2 on 2 tackling and clear out game. Players line up in two lines, adjacent to the coned gameplay area.

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