category: Tackling

Rugby 4v3-realign Tackling 4 sausages 4 Bags The sausages and bags are lined up alternately in a line. 8 defenders start lined up outside of the tack...


category: Tackling

Rugby Realign Tackling The first player moves forwards, makes contact with the tackle bag and retreats diagonally to the line of cones. The next play...

Defender - Round And Realign

category: Passing

With a wealth of experience and as part of New Zealand's World Cup winning coaching team, Marg is ready to pass on her knowledge to answer your coach...

Realignment And Passing

category: Match-Related

Group realigns around the cone and then use simple hands to finish. You can put defenders into the second channel to increase the difficulty of this ...

Web Videos

Rugby tackle and turnover drill

Here is the Army Rugby team being taken through a turnover drill going from defence to attack with Lee Soper and Rob Jones (Forwards Coaches) . One pl...

Rugby defensive shape session

Coach Daryl Slade-Jones takes the British Army Rugby team through a defensive drill. The drill has various tackle pads identified by coloured cones.



Community Drills

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This drill was for practice in a match situation where the team passes the ball through the hands to the winger who runs, a ruck is formed and the bac...

Wing out BD 2

Phase 2 - Forward POD off 10 coming back towards breakdown.Get over the gain line with strong line running. Create "Go forward".Quick ball a...