Scrum Half - Shotgun Alley

category: Sevens

Explain to thescrum halfs that they are to attempt to pass the ball at the attackers and attempt to hit them below the shoulders. It won't be a compl...

Scrum Half Pole Position

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following..... Each player has four poles and six balls, the winner is the player that hits the most poles - you cannot leave yo...

Front Row Binding

category: Scrum

Some older players giving a technically correct demonstration.

Web Videos

Scrummage - how to play scrum-half

Here is another episode of 'Scrummage'. You will be able to learn how to play every position in rugby union, with this episode centering on the link m...

How to scrum in rugby

The scrum in rugby is the opposed movements of teams after a tackle occurs. Learn how to play rugby, including rules and skills, in this video rugby l...



Scrum / Lineouts for beginners

Keep your players safe! Review the basics, coach the key points of these two important skills and give players plenty of time to learn and improve