3 V 2 Reverse Drill

category: Passing

Drill to practice 3 v 2 attacking scenarios.

Set up a channel 20m long and 15m wide with cones every 10m along the length (red, yellow, green...

3D Touch Rugby

category: School

Players can run with the ball and pass in all directions. If a player is touched while in possession of the ball, it is an immediate turnover (ball...

Ball Presentation Drill

category: Ball-Presentation

The ball carrier and one support player runs towards the other group and, at the middle the ball carrier goes to ground and presents the ball. The...

Bank Robbers

category: Warm-Up

  • Keep your player briefing, brief! Tell the players the following laws for this exercise.....
  1. Players must start the game ...

Colour Defend

category: Sevens

Tell the players the following.....

  1. The coach will call a colour.
  2. At that point the players from those cones should run to th...

Decision Making Exercise

category: Decision-making

The players stood behind the line work the ball up through the channel in groups of 5. As they progress up the area they work the ball left and rig...

Web Videos

David mead s one handed pick up try

https://www.facebook.com/pages/RugbySkyWorldCupcom/102990766424747 If you've followed RD over the years, you'll know that it's very rare for Rugby ...



Attacking part 2

Pick up from where you left off in last week?s session with the second part of this attacking series!


Community Drills

Pick up and hit bag

Player has back to bag. On the coaches call run around the cone and chase down loose ball. Pick up the ball with one fluid movement and drive up into ...

team game

jump over hurdlerun to tyre end over endpick up ball ,run to next cone place ball downrun around last conerepeat runing in tag team mate.

Dump Drill

Two cones will be placed 20 meters apart.One cone will be placed 5 meters behind the 20 meter cone.cone must line up in a straight line.Ball will be p...

Shuttle Run Plus

Run 10yrds with tackle bagdrop bagrun back to start touch coneback to bag pick up run to 20yrd cones drop tackle bagrun back to start touch cone ...