Simple Passing Warm Up

category: Passing

Passing and receiving exercise to warm the players up and get the handling skills ready for training.

Pass And Follow

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Pass and Follow Warm Up They pass the ball around either clock wise or anti clock wise, you can decide to change the direction youself at any p...

10 Pass Game

category: Warm-Up

Rugby 10 Pass game Warm Up 2 teams Bibs Balls One team must try and complete 10 passes in a small grid. When the player has the ball in his hand he ...

Traffic Passing

category: Warm-Up

You'll need two balls, give one ball to the first player on one of the lines, and the other to the last player on the line opposite. The lines advanc...

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Community Drills

backs 2 man tip passing

Tip passing warm up, players tip pass then give ball to waiting half backs on either side- fast hands- straight lines with post

Passing Warm Up Square

5 v 5Players move in any direction and must make 5 clean passes.Opposition team must try to disrupt play, straight turnover if ball leaves square, or ...