Passing Circle

category: Passing

There will be one player in the middle. The players on the outside of the circle jog around the circle. The player in the middle will have a ball, an...

Chasing The Pass

category: Passing

Rugby Chasing The Pass Passing Keep your player briefing short, and get the ball moving around the circle as quickly as possible. First have the play...

Passing Circle

category: Ball-Presentation

Rugby Passing circle Ball Presentation Place 2 players in the centre. Both players pass to those running the circle. Notice that the gap between the ...

Sh Passing Circles

category: Sevens

Rugby SH Passing Circles Sevens One of your players will be the passer, and the other the catcher. The passer goes to one of the circles that has bal...

Web Videos

Rookie rugby games: circle passing

Circle Passing is the perfect way to introduce rugby passing for athletes. Focus on basic passing and catching techniques. Add in some competition and...