Quick Hands

category: Passing

Rugby Quick Hands Passing Tell your players the following..... The first player runs out with the ball to the first set of cones and passes the ball ...

Passing Compass

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Passing compass Warm Up Have a quick demo using one group - keep your player briefing, brief. Each pair face one another and stand side by side...

Round The Circle Passing

category: Passing

Rugby Round the circle Passing Passing Each group forms a circle with players about 1m apart. First practise passing and catch around the circle. Nex...

2 V 1

category: Passing

Rugby 2 v 1 Passing This is a simple 2 v 1. The two players have to get past the one defender without being touched, that's it. The defender will sta...

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Rugby Fitness Drills and Games

Fitness is a vital part of getting to the line for the full 80. Work on your teams skills and technique whilst putting them under fatigue with a gruel...


Community Drills

Shibuya Crossing Passing Drill

Let's spend five minutes running and moving the ball through the hands. We will do that using the L grid.Remember - you can start working within the f...