Pass And Follow

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Pass and Follow Warm Up They pass the ball around either clock wise or anti clock wise, you can decide to change the direction youself at any p...

Pass And Follow In A Grid

category: Passing

Rugby League Pass and follow in a grid Passing The first player runs into the grid and then passes square to a player either on their left or right b...

Traffic Passing

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Traffic Passing Warm Up This passing exercise will keep large groups of players busy passing, running onto, and moving the ball in traffic with...

Pass And Support

category: Sevens

Rugby Pass and Support Sevens Give each training area one ball and tell the players the following...... Lets just get the ball moving down the line. ...

Web Videos

Rugby drills - passing drill -

Rugby Drills - Passing drill - look for the further progressions. This drill encourages players to take a step forwards before passing the ball. For m...


Community Drills

Beating defenders by finding space

DescriptionDivide your team in 2 groups(attack/defense). Set up 20m*30m square(s.diagram), use different coloured cones for the sidelines to call the ...