Changing Direction - Competitive Warm Up

category: Agility-Running-Skills

Rugby Changing Direction - Competitive Warm Up Agility & Running Skills Two players are racing to get back to the middle after touching cones on oppo...

Switch Drill

category: Passing

Rugby Switch Drill Passing Drill to practice inside running lines (switches) in ... and one defender (red) on the other side of the square on the lef...

Corner Line Tag

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Corner line Tag Tag Rugby The aim is that when the coach signals the start the defending players will spread across to the other side of the fi...

Counter Bag

category: Sevens

The two remaining players will remove the competing player. The competing player will change sides, and compete for the ball on the opposite side, bu...



Community Drills

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Form two circles, one inside the other, with two balls on opposite sides of the outer ring. Start both circles running in opposite directions (inside ...

Handoff with offload

Ball carrier runs forward, steps to one side and attempts handoff. Turns with tackle in contact and offloadsSupporter runs to opposite side and receiv...

Tackle and ruck support drill

2 V 2 Tackle & Ruck support drillCreate a 6m x 8m grid.Red player with the ball is tackled inside the grid by the Blue defender at the opposite si...

Look Right

YardageHooker engages 1st markerQPLBOpposite side runner pushes