Offloading Out The Back

category: Off-Loads

Description. The aim of the exercise is to develop ball control and one hand offloading “out the back”. Coaching points. Ball Carrier look to get...

One Touch Off-Load

category: Warm-Up

Rugby One Touch Off-Load Warm Up Keep your player briefing; brief, and get them working as soon as possible.I can't stress this enough, it's not a de...

Grip Games

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Grip Games Off Loads Here are two games to improve your players grip on the ball: 1. Simple grip battle (0.00-0.14) Two players have one ball b...

2 Vs 1 - With Running Support

category: Off-Loads

Rugby 2 vs 1 - with running support Off Loads The lead attacker runs at straight at defender. Attacks runs into space, either on the left or the righ...


Proactive Attack!

Improve your players decision making and passing ability and timing and attack proactively with pace and decisiveness to cut through defences at will.


Community Drills

Off loads

Filas de atacantes (rojos) mas 1 pasador y un receptor fijos y un def. (azul).arranca un atacante de la fila, si recibe el pase de la izq. si o si pas...

2 vs 1 - Off Loading in Tackle

The lead attacker runs at straight at defender.Attacks runs into space, either on the left or the right, takes the tackle and then off-loads to the su...


Description9 to 11 that takes the run6-8 first support7 open side supportCoaching points11 run hard and step in avoiding lineout, look for recicle and...