Non-Stop Rugby

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Rugby Non-Stop Rugby Tag Rugby Play 5 v 3. The aim of the game is for teams with unequal number of players to defend and attack. Possesion is changed...

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Community Drills

WIDE ATTACK-option "X"

After we hit the midfield with strong forwards and create a quick ball, we go wide in the same way. We mix forwards with backs in the outside. While t...

Backs in the ruck

When backs end up in the ruck the ultimate goal should be to get them out and recycled back into the back line. This means we can go to the forw...

2-4-2 Shape

3 Loose Forwards and Hooker on the Wide ChannelsRest of the Pack will do the grunt Work onthe mid field.

5 and 5

5-man lineout off top to 9. Loose forwards crash inside of 10 for direct pass from 9, 12 insert to ruck. 9 immediately swings it back inside to A pod ...