3 Touch Kick

category: Warm-Up

Split your players into two teams, giving one group of players a set of coloured bibs to set them apart, and quickly tell your players the following l...

Rapid Rucking

category: Ruck

In this exercise position 3 pad holding units, or 1 or 2 players, five meters in front of 3 rucking units, 1 unit facing each pad. Two players on each...

Behind The Posts

category: Sevens

Tell your players the following....... One team of 7 will be in attack, the attack should start behind the 22 meter line and they will have the ball....

Target 3:15

category: Sevens

Tell the players that they have to run and hit every line on the pitch, but before proceeding to the next line they need to return to and touch the t...

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