L For Long!

category: Sevens

Let the players run. Increase the size of the L using the cones every 1 minute. Keep going until the players pass is at the limit of what they can do....

Pass Invaders

category: Passing

Rugby Pass Invaders Passing Tell your players the following..... In groups of 2 they will attack, passing the ball before they reach each unique cone,...

Defender - Round And Realign

category: Passing

Make the training area small to force quick hands. Make the training area wider to increase the length of the pass. Allow players to be creative in at...

Beat The Runner

category: Sevens

Players follow through with their pass, with hands pointing to where the ball is to go. Passes are weighted correctly in terms of speed, length, and d...

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Improve rugby - passing progression

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Improving the length of pass

The ball travels faster than a running player, so stretch your opponents defence by developing your players' long pass.


Community Drills

Straight Pass

Players form 6 lines, 3 lines on each side of the grid, between the middle set of cones (white), ready for a average length pass.The player on the rig...

passing between coloured cones

3 to six players line up opposite each other with any others in rows behind.starting between the blue cones the run across the grid passing down the l...