Kick Off Targets

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Off Targets Kicking The aim of the drill improve kick offs and accuracy.

Kick Off Height

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Off Height Kicking The aim of the drill improve Height and accuracy of the kick.

Kick Tennis

category: Kicking

Rugby Kick Tennis Kicking Two team of 4. 40m x 20m area. The aim of the game is to kick / punt the ball into the oppositions half. If the ball bounce...

Drop Kick

category: Kicking

Rugby Drop Kick Kicking Can be practiced with all players but specifically for the kickers of the team for start off kicking and tactical point scori...

Web Videos

Dan carter: rugby drop kick restarts

Learning how to drop kick in rugby is challenging, it takes a lot of hard work, practice and dedication. But when you do nail it, it's very rewarding....

How to kickoff and restart in rugby

Here is a step by step video of how to execute the perfect Kickoff or Restart. Included are scenarios where these are used, variations of the scenario...



Community Drills

Kick Off-Option 1

Option 1 Deep Right hanging kick off Defensive Red Team1. we want to close their space as quickly as they allow us to.2. stay connected next...