Keep Ball

category: Tag-Rugby

Rugby Keep Ball Tag Rugby Players work in groups of 5 in a grid 10m x 10m, with 1 Ball per group. 4 Players work as a team to make 10 passes. The def...

Keep The Ball Game

category: Passing

Rugby Keep The Ball Game Passing Tell your players the following: One group of two players will be defenders, you might want to give them bibs. The a...

Keep Ball

category: Tag-rugby

Rugby League Keep Ball Tag rugby Groups of 5. Grid 10 m x 10 m and 1 Ball per group. 4 Players work as a team to make 10 passes. Defender tries to ta...

Ball Tag

category: Warm-Up

Rugby Ball Tag Warm Up Make sure that you have your warm-up area marked out before your players arrive, it's important that you get them working righ...

Keep Passing

category: Sevens

Rugby Keep Passing Sevens Tell your players the following. ... The runner take the first ball off the player standing at the first cone, they pass it...

Individual Ball Carrying 2

category: Passing

Rugby League Individual ball carrying 2 Passing Carry the ball in a high position and try to engage the defender. ... Keep Ball Drill Thumbnail View ...

Web Videos


Offloading - Keeping the ball alive

Cross the gain line and Improve how your players handle the pressure with this quick rugby session - designed to improve passing/offloading during and...

Developing Invasive Attacking Skills!

Improve your players decision making to help them recognise where the space will develop and how they can maximise their success when they create the ...

Phase Play and Continuity

Continue to build the phases in your play and get your team working as an unit to offer support with this session!


Community Drills


Ace (first receiver) catches the ball and reads the two opposing defenders. If the first defender is out of position, or has turned hips, keep t...

5 pass game

5-8 asideFirst team to complete 5 passes get a point. Team in possession must touch the ball on the ground before passing to another team mate. Player...

Basic Passing Drills

Short Passing: Players will get into pairs and stand 4 meters apart facing each other. They will pass to each other making sure that they are using th...

touch tennis

two teams on eather side of the cones the obecetive of the game is to keep the ball of your side by rugby passing