category: Handling

Rugby Grids Handling 1) Run out (2 steps) turn and pop ball to a support player. 2) Run out (2 steps) turn and let support player take it out of your...

3 V 2 V 2

category: Handling

Rugby 3 v 2 v 2 Handling Set up a channel with two sets of defenders working in pairs inside. Three attacking players start with the ball and run aro...

1 Vs 2

category: Handling

Rugby 1 vs 2 Handling The aim of the drill is to develop ball carrying in a contact zone.

Passing Grid

category: Handling

Rugby Passing Grid Handling Set up a grid of about 10 x 10 Aim to have 12 attackers and 2 defenders 3 attackers spread out on each side of the square...

Handling Warm Up Drill

category: Handling

Rugby Handling Warm Up Drill Handling 1) Run outside cone with ball (either side) and on to other group. 2) First three people in each group with a b...

Passing Race

category: Handling

Rugby Passing Race Handling Using just one hand they should pass the ball to each other. The pass should come from on, or behind the hip. They should...

Mini Game - Skills Game

category: Handling

Rugby Mini Game - Skills Game Handling In this game players try to keep possession and carry the ball over their opponent's line to score a try. game...

Simple Handling

category: Handling

Rugby Simple Handling Handling 3 vs 1 vs 1 Ball Carrier passes the ball into the post player and runs across the front of him and receives the ball b...

Web Videos


The Zones Game

Use this fantastic drill in your next coaching session today and get ready to work your players hard


Community Drills

Pass, Catch & Run - 30 mins

Do a variety of basic passing and handling drills. El Paso, Triangle pass, Truck and Trailer.Progress to some 2 on 1s and then 3 on 2s as diagram show...

4 Man Passing Drill

The session will start with a simple four man handling drill. This will be a kind of warm up, it will get the performers used to the ball.

Handle the ball

Exercise for first time for young guys to check their ability on handling the ball.First step run fast, at the second cone the guy recive the ball fro...