Footwork And Handoff 2

category: School

Rugby Footwork and handoff 2 School To develop the exercise, get players to transfer the ball away from the pole to enable the hand off.

Fending Off - Strong Hands

category: Off-Loads

Rugby Fending Off - Strong Hands Off Loads Line of defenders - 5m apart in staggered formation tackle shield. Individual players move down the line, ...

Off-Loading Box

category: Sevens

Rugby Off-Loading Box Sevens Tell your players the following...... The defender must make a tackle. The primary ball carrier must take the ball into ...

Footwork And Handoff

category: School

Rugby Footwork and handoff School Vital skills to beat a defender and get the football. Ball is needed. Players must do it at full speed. Key players...


Community Drills

Side step hand off

- step cones and finish with a hand off- switch ball to other hand when you side step- 2nd keep ball in both hands when side step


Four Corners:Even Groups on four center conesGo through progression:Hand off @ coneHand off @ middlePop @ conePop @ middlePost @ conePost @ middlePost...

Back Row Move Going Left down Blind

No8 Goes inside down blind draws BSFHand off to 6 going outside7 in support with 11 trailing ready for inside offload from 6Talk through running optio...