Fixing Defenders - Handling Challenge

category: Handling

Rugby Fixing Defenders - Handling Challenge Handling Groups 16+ Cones Attackers and defender line up at the start of the grid. The grid is 3 chanels ...

Fixing Defender - Continuous Drill

category: Handling

Rugby Fixing Defender - Continuous drill Handling Groups of 15 Ball Bags Groups of 3 on all sides of the grid, with 2 defenders in the middle. Player...

Fixing Defender Progression

category: Handling

Rugby Fixing Defender Progression Handling Groups 10+ Balls Cones Sausages. 1. Chanel Fix Groups of 5. Attack sausages lined up one behind eachother...

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Running Lines and Fixing Defenders

Create doubt in the defender's mind by getting your ball carrier to run straight with the ball, and support runners to run good lines to create depth ...