Reloading And Passing Practice

category: Passing

Have 8-10 players standing in a line with a scrum half at the end a few metres in front. Scrum half passes the ball to a player. Passing down the lin...

Pace Onto The Ball

category: Sevens

Rugby Pace Onto The Ball Sevens Tell your players the following..... Every receiver ... They continue down the line, and when the ball gets to the en...

Kick Support And Pass

category: Ball-handling

1 player in a group of players kicks the ball into the air for the single player to catch the ball all player have to run and support the catcher and...

Mini-Goal Game

category: Kicking

Rugby Mini-Goal Game Kicking Game to practice controlling the ball. Set up two goals (roughly 2m wide) opposite each other about 5m away (red cones -...

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Community Drills

End Ball

2 teams one attacking one defending, pass ball between your team to reach the end of the pitch, to score 1 player must pass the ball to a 2nd player i...


Inside 4 sets up for punch, setting up as far back as 10. Forward with Bbest hands in front of the V formation, receives ball and...