Decision Making Exercise

category: Decision-making

The players stood behind the line work the ball up through the channel in groups of 5. As they progress up the area they work the ball left and rig...

Find The Gap Grubber

category: Kicking

Drill to practice grubber kicking (a kick that bounces along the ground, bouncing no more than 1m away from the kicker) to a team mate to score.

Mini-Goal Game

category: Kicking

Game to practice controlling the ball.

Set up two goals (roughly 2m wide) opposite each other about 5m away (red cones - see digram).


Offloading Technique

category: Catching

  • Ball
  • Groups of 3+

  • 2 attackers line up opposite a defender.
  • The defender makes a low ...

Web Videos

Rugby for beginners (english)

more work of the makers of RUGBY for BEGINNERS: www.reterastudios.nl ) The wonderful game of rugby has many complex laws. If you want to watch a game ...


Position Specific Speed Training

Get your team the fastest and most agile out there. As the season deepens, we all need to stay on top of our game; make sure every position is covered...

Coaching the Drift Defence

Get your players thinking their way through this session, focussing on Drift Defence when the opposition have an overlap on the outside.

Heads up Rugby - Think fast

Attack the space! Develop your players' speed, reaction and decision making to improve their ability to get through holes in defences.


Community Drills

Evasive Running Grid

Use evasion and agility skills to avoid collisions.Use a small 5mx5m grid to start and progress to larger grid (10mx10m , 15mx15m)Encourage poping the...

Handle the ball

Exercise for first time for young guys to check their ability on handling the ball.First step run fast, at the second cone the guy recive the ball fro...