Dummy Switch Behind (Dsb)

category: Backs-Moves

10 advances with the ball, running slightly inwards. 10 changes the angle of their run, towards the first post. 12 runs across 10 on a dummy switch. ...

Continuous Passing Onto Cones

category: Passing

Players line up at least 2 or 3 behind a cone. The ball starts at one end with the player running up to the cone in front of him and passing to the...

2 V 1

category: Passing

This is a simple 2 v 1. The two players have to get past the one defender without being touched, that's it. The defender will start 10 meters back, a...

Building The Switch Pass

category: Passing

Keep your player briefing short and tell your players the following.... 3 attackers line up on the first three cones, the rest fall in behind. One at...

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2v1 Attacking Skills Session

Improve your players' 2v1 confidence and introduce them to the dummy pass, support running and offloading in this attacking session!

Public Drills

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The dummy pass involves 3 people. The first man sets of followed quickly by the second, then the third sets off. Before the first man passes it to the...

2 (attackers) vs 1 (defender)

2 vs 1Attackers should always be scoringAttackersDraw the tackle and pass the ball before the contactOR dummy pass and go for the try yourselfPerson w...

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5v3 blue team in possession of the ball. Start proceeding to try line passing ball around team. Each time player reaches a red cone they must perform ...